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Welcome to the New Website for Bloodlust Council

I would like to thank all the newcomers for joining our ranks and all the current members for helping us as we attempt to make this one of the top guilds in Nesingwary.

We're all here to have fun so lets make this the best experience possible for all who join Bloodlust Council!!! =D

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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

DarkHunter72, Feb 19, 11 10:27 AM.
The new ranking system is now completed and up and running. the ranks are as follows:

This rank is basically a trial rank. We want to make sure these members are going to stay with the guild before we begin promoting them and granting them certain privileges, so in order to graduate from the Peon rank to the Recruit you must be an active member for a trial of 14 days.

When you are promoted to the rank of Recruit, you are officially a member of Bloodlust Council. While you don't have many privileges as of yet, you can be assured that if you were to show some kindness to others and helpfulness to the guild you will be promoted to the "Member" rank where more privileges are given.

This is our second official member rank. Members of this rank are given the privilege of withdrawing five items from the second guild bank tab, and two items from bank tabs three, four, and five.

Senior Member:
This is our third official rank. this rank is given the ability to withdraw seven items from the second guild bank tab, and five items from bank tabs three, four, and five.  They can also edit their public notes and at this rank as well as have a twenty five gold daily repair allowance.

Animal Officer:
This is our honorary title awarded to Ganite, in honor of his many pets.

This rank is the last rank before you are reviewed to become one of our Co-GM's. This rank is given to helpful selfless members. They are allowed unlimited withdrawals from the second bank tab, and fifteen items from bank tabs three, four, and five.  They also have the ability to edit the officer note as well as have a thirty gold daily repair allowance.

The Co-GM rank is equivalent to the high-council rank in other guilds. This is awarded to the most helpful and selfless people in the guild. Its given to those who go above and beyond for the guild. The Co-GM's are basically the second in command. They will help coordinate guild events and meetings.  At this point in the ranking system, they have unlimited guild bank access.

Guild Master:
Guild Master is a rank that belongs to Mike also known as Bratac. Mike is the Co-GM. Mike (Bratac), Josh (Envy), and Chris (Green) are the original founders and creators of the guild. And because there can't be three guildmasters Mike will have his own rank of Guild Master. He has the same power that Josh and Chris has, so he is to be treated as a GM even when Josh and Chris are online.

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